ssh “permissions are too open”

I got the following error from ssh Solutions The keys need to be read-writable only by you: Alternatively, the keys can be only readable by you (this also blocks your write access): 600 appears to be better in most cases, because you don’t need to change file permissions later to edit it.

TypeScript intellisense is disabled on template error Vue JS 2 in VS Code

Vue JS

TypeScript intellisense is disabled on template. To enable, configure “jsx”: “preserve” in the “compilerOptions” property of tsconfig or jsconfig. To disable this prompt instead, configure “experimentalDisableTemplateSupport”: true in “vueCompilerOptions” property. Before add this line in jsconfig.js file After

Debezium Tutorial

Installation Starting Zookeeper Starting Kafka Starting MySQL Database Starting MySQL Command-line Client Starting Kafka Connect Use the Kafka Connect REST API to check the status of the Kafka Connect service. Check the status of the Kafka Connect service: Check the list of connectors registered with Kafka Connect: Deploying the MySQL connector Registering a connector to … Read more

How to Load Testing with JMeter and generate report in html ?

First, you need to install JMeter then create your .jmx file using JMeter GUI application. After you created the .jmx file you can run this command in /bin directorey of installed JMeter example In this example I save my .jmx file in “~/Documents/load\ testing/plan1.jmx” then save the csv result file in “../../load_testing/plan1_result.csv” and don’t forget … Read more

Postgres Notes


Remotely connecting to Postgres instance using psql command If you want to remotely connect to a Postgres instance. You can use this command How to Back Up Your PostgreSQL Database How to Restore Your PostgreSQL Database