Nginx Configuration for Laravel: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to enhance your Laravel setup with Nginx configuration. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps to improve your server’s performance and ensure seamless WebSocket functionality. Are you looking to fine-tune your Laravel configuration for optimal performance? Look no further! This article provides a step-by-step guide to optimizing your Nginx configuration … Read more

ssh “permissions are too open”

I got the following error from ssh Solutions The keys need to be read-writable only by you: Alternatively, the keys can be only readable by you (this also blocks your write access): 600 appears to be better in most cases, because you don’t need to change file permissions later to edit it.

TypeScript intellisense is disabled on template error Vue JS 2 in VS Code

Vue JS

TypeScript intellisense is disabled on template. To enable, configure “jsx”: “preserve” in the “compilerOptions” property of tsconfig or jsconfig. To disable this prompt instead, configure “experimentalDisableTemplateSupport”: true in “vueCompilerOptions” property. Before add this line in jsconfig.js file After

Cannot kill container: : tried to kill container, but did not receive an exit event


I have running docker container, but when I want to access the app it did not respond anything. Then I tried to stop the running docker containers and restart them. Unfortunately, I got After several attempts, I still got the same error message. Then I decided to restart the Docker instead of restart the container … Read more

Datadog: nginx access.log / error.log permission denied


When you check in Datadog logs, sometimes NGINX logs do not appear, You need to check data dog agent in your server by running this command Command above is for Linux. For complete resources you can read here : If you had error, you will find something like this: Pay attention for this error … Read more