How to Load Testing with JMeter and generate report in html ?

First, you need to install JMeter then create your .jmx file using JMeter GUI application. After you created the .jmx file you can run this command in /bin directorey of installed JMeter

sh jmeter <your .jmx file> -l <directory for the csv file> -e -o <make a folder to save the report>


sh jmeter -n -t ~/Documents/load_testing/Plan1.jmx -l ../../load_testing/Plan1_result.csv -e -o ../../load_testing/report

In this example I save my .jmx file in ~/Documents/load\ testing/plan1.jmx” then save the csv result file in ../../load_testing/plan1_result.csv” and don’t forget to make new folder to save the report.

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