How to var_dump (debugging) in Ruby on Rails

In the process of app development, we need to debug our application frequently to trace the data flow is correct as expected. I am new in Ruby on Rails and have a trouble about how to debug my code in Ruby on Rails.

Previously i used to use var_dump() or dd() in PHP language. So how to implements such things in Ruby on Rails. Finally I got the answer, it is so simple tho.

Debugging from views is simple:

<%= debug @variable %>

But debugging from inside a controller or model requires you to either halt the execution with abort, which will output an error page:

abort variable.inspect

Or you can write to the rails log with:


You can read the log by using tail -f /logs/development.log from the your shell.

P.S. My favourite the second one, because of it’s simplicity. I can get the data value without need to check the log file.


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